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“I have interviewed psychotherapist Helen Vaughan several times on different radio shows on Newstalk. She is a brilliant communicator. Always across her subject and makes concepts really accessible to listeners. She has great insight & understanding into so many different aspects of people lives and their mental health. She is an excellent professional speaker who never talks down to her audience.”

– Ciara Kelly, Broadcaster, Newstalk Breakfast

“Anger had ruined so many opportunities and relationships in my life. I hated the person I had become. Now I just don’t have that anger in me anymore. It’s gone. I like who I am now. I don’t have to feel ashamed or keep saying sorry.”

– Paul, Client

“Helen provided an online session on Anxiety & Resilience for Staff of TU Dublin as part of our Wellbeing & Health Promotion Programme. I found Helen’s knowledge of her field really impressive and the delivery of the session was excellent. She has an engaging style which staff found both insightful and comforting. I would recommend Helen to anyone providing wellbeing initiatives or mental health supports to staff.”

– Linda Murray, Staff Development Team, TU Dublin (formerly DIT)

“Mari helped me and my partner to open up more to each other and we are getting on much better now. It is very important to have an impartial person in the room who doesn’t know either of you and who sees things from a fresh perspective.”

– Sinead, Couple’s Client

“I want to say how grateful I am for the support and guidance my therapist has given me and how much of a difference it has made. When I wrote to you first I was really in need of help and, although I have had some counselling before, I had some reservations of how effective it might be for me and what I was struggling with. Actually, the difference it has made is night and day and farther reaching than I could have hoped for. I am so very thankful to her, to you and to your organisation for that.”

– David, Client

“(Helen) Vaughan helped me to realise that I can’t control how others feel or respond to this [Covid-19] crisis, but I can control my responses and take whatever positive steps I can to keep myself and others healthy. Most of our conversation was a chance for me to talk, with Vaughan reflecting back to me while acknowledging this was an unprecedentedly “weird” time. While it wasn’t a completely formal session, I did feel much better after talking to her. Friends and family have been a support but a therapist can help in a different, more structured way by exploring our feelings without offering advice.”

Peter McGuire, Journalist, The Irish Times

“I attended counselling for support with connecting with my birth mother. Mari is very easy to talk to and has a broad knowledge in the area of adoption and her insights and experience guided me through a very tricky time.”

– Peter, Client

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