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“I found Helen’s knowledge of her field really impressive and the delivery of the session was excellent. She has an engaging style which staff found both insightful and comforting. I would recommend Helen to anyone providing wellbeing initiatives or mental health supports to staff.”

– Linda Murray, Staff Development Team, TU Dublin. 

Mental health training & workshops

Helen Vaughan is our Director & well-known mental health broadcaster. She leads corporate training and workshops for businesses and organisations looking to improve the wellbeing of their managers, staff, or clients.

She will help support your business to cope with a crisis and provide practical tips, real examples and up-to-date research to help your team boost their personal and professional health.

Helen is a “brilliant communicator” (Ciara Kelly, Newstalk), who spent 15+ years working as a journalist and broadcaster, and she can break any complex topic down to be both interesting, understandable and useful.

Any mental health talks can be tailored to the unique challenges and dynamic needs specific to your organisation, and can be both work and person focused. The training aims to provide mental health skills that are useful and relevant both to your organisation and the individuals within it.

We have a range of topics available and the duration of the training can range from one hour, up to half or full days.


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