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“I found Helen’s knowledge of her field really impressive and the delivery of the session was excellent. She has an engaging style which staff found both insightful and comforting. I would recommend Helen to anyone providing wellbeing initiatives or mental health supports to staff.”

– Linda Murray, Staff Development Team, TU Dublin. 

Our Director Helen Vaughan does corporate mental health workshops and talks for businesses and organisations looking to improve the wellbeing of their staff, customers or clients. She can tailor any mental health talks in the workplace to the challenges and needs specific to your organisation.

Topics include:

  • Dealing with anxiety – how it works, why it exists & how to improve your handling of stress
  • The challenges of going back to work during a pandemic – building practical skills to cope & think better 
  • The impact of Covid-19 on our mental health
  • Building resilience & learning to fit it into a busy schedule
  • Social anxiety & Covid-19 – shouldn’t I be less anxious now that restrictions are easing?
  • Tips for parenting
  • How to work better from home
  • Financial hardship 
  • Improving wellbeing as we emerge from Covid-19 – self-care & more.

Here’s a talk she gave to TU Dublin (formerly DIT) around returning to work during a pandemic – click here to listen.

If you’re interested in Helen talking to your group, do get in touch.

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