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Maynooth Counselling & Psychotherapy

We are Maynooth’s longest running counselling practice & we’re here to listen & help you deal with anything that’s going on in your life. We will work together so you can learn strategies to cope and live better. 

Welcome to

Maynooth Counselling & Psychotherapy

Welcome to Maynooth Counselling & Psychotherapy. We are Maynooth’s longest-running counselling practice & we’re here to help you deal with any difficulties & learn to live better.

A Little Bit About Us

Counselling & Psychotherapy Professionals in Maynooth

Maynooth Counselling and Psychotherapy (MCAP) is Maynooth’s most established private practice of qualified professional counsellors. We have been operating in County Kildare since 2006.

We believe in staying with a client through any painful experience and exploring what that’s like specifically for you, without judgement. Our counsellors tailor your therapy to you & we cater to a wide range of emotional, psychological and relationship issues. We provide counselling for children, teenagers, adults, couples and families.

Confidential Service

Tailored for You

Fully Accredited


Confidential Service

Tailored for You

Fully Accredited


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We provide a range of counselling and corporate services depending on what is going on for you & what your needs are. Pop us an email if you have any questions.


Individual Counselling




Couples Counselling


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Talks, Workshops & Corporate

Who We Are

Our Therapists

We have a team of qualified Psychotherapists ready to support you with your mental health. Read on to find out who works with us & their individual approaches and expertise.


Mental health training & workshops

Our Director & broadcaster Helen Vaughan provides corporate mental health training & workshops for businesses and organisations looking to improve their wellbeing. She will provide practical tips and toolkits to boost your personal and professional health. Any workshops can be tailored to the needs of your organisation and the individuals within it.

Our Contributions

In The Media

Our Director Helen Vaughan is a former journalist who is still a regular contributor in the media on mental health related topics. She is frequently heard on The Last Word with Matt Cooper on Today FM, Newstalk, Kildare local station KFM and has been in The Irish Times and The Irish Independent.

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