At Maynooth Counselling and Psychotherapy (MCAP), we are aware of our clients’ desire to change and grow through therapy. We have a great respect for this process of change and employ the many tools, skills and theory our training has afforded us. As well as this, our ability to relate means we can empower and teach our clients to develop these skills for themselves. In doing so, clients have the opportunity to develop better relationships with themselves thus create a difference in other areas of their lives.

As well as specialising in different areas of counselling, each of our therapists place utmost importance on uniqueness of every one of our clients, putting his or her personal issues, difficulties and feelings at the heart of both the process and the relationship. We believe in meeting people at their pain. The deep listening we offer can be used as a sort of companionship along the often very confusing and lonely road of change.

The counsellors in MCAP can help normalise and disentangle our clients’ very personal experiences and collaboratively work towards a better day to day experience of themselves and their relationships with others. Therapists at MCAP are as flexible as they can be and are warm, honest, open and caring.


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A confidential service available to all. We believe in meeting people where they are at in their lives.
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